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Song Dynasty a brief History A.D. 960-1279.

The Song Dynasty was the Golden age of Chinese ceramics especially Northen celadon ware is undoubtedly among the finest of the Song wares.Ceramic ware of the Song, were not a mere continuation of the Yueyao celadons or the Xingyao white wares at the time, but a new advancement of decorative techiques from caving to moulding, applique, underglaze blue and polychoms, which gave tremendes impact on ceramics in later periods.Song ceramics can be divided into two main catagories, official ware and populace wares.

Official wares were plain and unadorned surface to reflect the Song pursuit elegance made for sociel elite.

Populace wares produced in big numbers carried a rich diversity of vivid and bold decorations revealing the aesthtic appeal of common people. The beauty of thes populace ware, have won great recognition from ceramic collectors in this century, but not during the Yuan, Ming, Qing periods, this explains the abesence of Yaozhou, Cizhou, Raozhou and Yizhou ware in imperiel collections.